CHANDLER, Ariz. – November 4, 2011 -- Amkor Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMKR) today announced that it will convert all of its 19mm through 31mm body size Plastic Ball Grid Array (“PBGA”) packages to pin-gate molding (“PGM”) over the next few years.  PBGAs produced with the new PGM process and structure provide superior quality, reliability and performance, and can be less expensive than traditional corner gate molding.

“PBGA packages are a mature technology used in a wide range of applications and end markets, such as computing, network infrastructure, gaming, set top boxes and digital TV,” said Pat O’Brien, Amkor’s senior vice president, ball grid array products.   “Our customers are very supportive of this conversion as this will provide a more reliable and better performing product at higher yields and lower cost.  This industry-leading effort will also extend the usefulness of wirebonding to smaller silicon nodes and is applicable with both gold and copper wires.”

Amkor’s PGM process is designed with a JEDEC-compliant larger mold cap which has a number of benefits, including allowing the routing of active traces and vias within the mold cap dimensions, improving protection from soldermask cracking, and facilitating larger die sizes in the same form factor.  In addition, Amkor’s PGM PBGA uses a package saw singulation process which produces a smoother edge on the package, reducing the potential for binding in the test socket and shipping tray, and thus delivering higher yields.

PGM is also a more cost effective PBGA structure as it uses higher density substrates and smaller diameter wire than traditional corner gate molding.  Gold wire diameter can be reduced by over 50% down to 0.5 mil.  Copper wire diameters can also be reduced significantly.  These capabilities also extend the usefulness of wirebonding to smaller silicon nodes.  With PGM, wirebonding can now be used down to 28 nanometers.

About Amkor

Amkor is a leading provider of semiconductor assembly and test services to semiconductor companies and electronics OEMs.  More information on Amkor is available from the company's SEC filings and on Amkor's website:


Amkor Technology, Inc., Chandler
Greg Johnson
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