New Stacked CSP Package Combines Amkor's Leadership in Flip Chip with Advanced Wirebond Technology for High Performance Portable Products

CHANDLER, Ariz. - Jan. 17, 2006 - Semiconductor packaging leader Amkor Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:AMKR) today announced an innovative Flip-Stackā„¢ package solution that is specifically designed to support emerging transition from wire-bond to flip chip interconnect for high-performance DSPs, ASICs and Radio Frequency ICs in a broad range of consumer applications, including wireless handsets, digital cameras and digital entertainment. Although 3D stacked die packages based on wirebond interconnect have been in high volume production for several years, advancements in wafer fabrication technology are driving the transition to flip-chip for performance reasons. Amkor's Flip-Stack CSP package targets devices utilizing advanced IC fab processes and combines Amkor's Flip-Chip process with conventional wirebond technology to offer a cost-effective, high-performance 3D package solution.

Flip-Stack CSP enables higher levels of silicon integration and device performance by stacking flash or mobile DRAM memory over high performance logic chips, such as DSP and ASIC. In the Flip-Stack CSP configuration, the bottom logic device is attached to the package substrate using Pb-free flip-chip solder bumps; the top ICs are then attached to the flip-chip die and wirebonded to the package substrate. Amkor's Flip-Stack CSP is Pb-free and RoHS compliant, and is offered in a standard FBGA package outline.

Amkor's Flip-Stack CSP package offers a flip chip interconnect that addresses the growing need for improved electrical performance in consumer products containing high performance components, such as baseband processors and radio frequency ICs. For high pin-count devices, Flip-Stack's flip chip architecture reduces the wiring complexity compared with traditional wirebond stacked CSP packages. In addition, the flip chip architecture means that Flip-Stack CSP may in some cases be designed into a smaller footprint than traditional wirebond stacked CSP. The Flip-Stack package platform will also support the integration of passive devices within the package to enable total System-in-Package functionality. About Amkor Technology, Inc.

Amkor Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced semiconductor assembly and test services. The company offers semiconductor companies and electronics OEMs a complete set of microelectronic design and manufacturing services. More information on Amkor is available from the company's SEC filings and on Amkor's web site:

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