Amkor, Unitive and SECAP Demonstrate Leading 300mm Volume Production Line

MUNICH, Germany--Nov. 10, 2004-- The Semiconductor Equipment Consortium for Advanced Packaging (SECAP) today announced the successful conclusion of the venture between Amkor Technology, Inc., it's Unitive subsidiaries and SECAP to establish the world's first high volume 300mm electroplated solder bumping line using Unitive's leading and proprietary technology. The line is equipped for electroplated solder bumping and was set up in 2003 at Unitive Semiconductor Taiwan (UST), located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, as a joint project between the SECAP member companies and Unitive. The line has reached volume production and now serves Amkor's top tier 300mm customers. This venture accomplished SECAP's mission to demonstrate to the advanced packaging industry a cost effective equipment solution for 300mm electroplated solder bumping.

Originally announced in July 2002, SECAP and Unitive agreed to install a 300mm wafer bumping line to address the technical demands of wafer level packaging (WLP). After rapid qualification in May 2003, the line demonstrated full production capability in the first fully integrated 300mm electroplated wafer bumping line installed at a wafer level packaging service provider. The line is currently running volume production and Amkor will expand capacity as required to meet customer demand. With the acquisition of Unitive in August 2004, Amkor now provides a turnkey suite of flip chip solutions, including bumping on 200mm and 300mm wafers, probe, assembly, and final test.

The Amkor 300mm wafer bumping line includes the following equipment from the SECAP equipment suppliers:

  • SUSS MicroTec: coat/develop cluster, 1X full field mask aligner and probe stations;
  • Semitool: electroplating system, UBM etch and resist strip tools;
  • BTU International: integrated flux coater and reflow ovens;

In the past year and a half the Unitive/SECAP line enabled SECAP member companies to further optimize their equipment for the integrated process flow for wafer bumping. A seamless process flow is crucial for a successful move to WLP, since different equipment technologies cannot be viewed in isolation because of the interdependency and integration required in establishing a complete process line.

"The SECAP venture enabled Unitive to establish a world class 300mm electroplating volume production line with rapid deployment, qualification, and production exceeding the expectations of the world's most demanding customers," said Daniel Teng, president of Unitive Semiconductor Taiwan. "We look forward to our next phase of capacity expansion and to working within Amkor's global organization to create an integrated flip chip supply chain in Taiwan and elsewhere for our customers."

"With the successful completion of this important project SECAP has now achieved its primary goal to provide the industry with a cost effective equipment solution for 300mm electroplated solder bumping. Unitive once more has demonstrated its technological leadership and has been an ideal partner for SECAP. The line has been open to the industry to visit and for equipment demonstrations and the progress in this project has been openly communicated into the market. This unique set up will now allow other semiconductor companies to make risk-free equipment decisions," noted Franz Richter, president and CEO for SUSS MicroTec (FWB:SMH).


Established in July 2000, SECAP is a consortium of leading equipment suppliers to the advanced packaging industry. Members of SECAP are Semitool, SUSS MicroTec, Image Technology, BTU International, EKRA and the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM) in Berlin. SECAP addresses challenges in semiconductor packaging, such as the development and validation of process equipment for the industry's conversion to wafer level packaging and 300 mm wafer technology. Within the consortium, the Fraunhofer Institute (IZM) in Berlin acts as a consultant and technical link between the equipment suppliers to identify specific equipment requirements. SECAP aims at supporting the development and successful adaptation of advanced packaging technologies in the semiconductor industry. For more information, see

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