CHANDLER, Ariz., Feb. 3 -- Amkor Technology, Inc., (Nasdaq: AMKR) is using its system in package technology to solve the challenges of thermally demanding DC/DC power-conversion applications. The first implementation of this expanded capability integrates components for a 15-amp DC/DC point-of-load converter into a land grid array (LGA) package for Power-One, Inc., based in Camarillo, Calif.

Amkor's LGA "Power SiP" is the platform for Power-One's X3015P, which is the first product in the company's new maXyz(TM) (pronounced max-sys) family of DC/DC converters. The X3015P is the industry's first semiconductor-like POL converter of this type approved by Underwriters Lab in the U.S. and TUV Rhineland in Europe.

According to analysts at Venture Development Corp., Natick, Mass., over the next five years, growth in the DC/DC converter market will be driven in particular by expanding use of distributed power architectures and by telecommunications and data communications applications. "OEMs purchasing DC/DC converters most frequently voice needs for lower height profiles, smaller footprints, higher efficiencies and higher power densities," said VDC analyst Nathan Andrews in a market update for the Power Sources Manufacturers Association. "These demands continue to push DC/DC converter suppliers to produce high-end products at competitive prices."

Amkor's packaging for the X3015P integrates all the required active components and layout-critical passive components, including a controller, drive circuit and two MOSFETs, to produce 15 amps of output current from a 10-mm by 12-mm LGA footprint. This integration reduces external component count by 90 percent, compared to discrete solutions. The LGA's current density is 80 amps per square inch. In addition, the LGA's ultra-low 1.42-mm profile allows mounting on the bottom side of a host circuit board, reducing board space consumption. Overall, the LGA format reduces system assembly cost, improves system reliability and lowers total system design cost by placing modular power conversion functionality close to the point of load.

"DC-DC converters of this type are normally used in computing and telecommunication applications," said David Bolognia, director - system in package at Amkor. "Amkor is highly experienced in packaging thermally sensitive RF power amplifiers; however the challenge for meeting Power-One's needs was to address the even greater problem of thermal dissipation associated with DC/DC converters in this environment. We addressed power dissipation through packaging on a thin, two-layer substrate with thick copper planes. In addition, we used overplated vias and greatly increased via density and the copper area beneath the die to conduct heat efficiently into the host board."

"The successful launch of the X3015P is the result of close collaboration between Power-One and the Amkor technical and manufacturing teams. By bringing together Power-One's expertise in power management solutions and Amkor's LGA packaging expertise, we have produced a new platform of highly-reliable, high current-density proprietary products that uniquely address customer design problems," said John Trice, president of Power-One's Silicon Power Systems

"As Power-One ramps production for its emerging line of semiconductor-like power solutions, we expect to have Power SiP thermal-management solutions in place to support their product roadmap," said Amkor's Bolognia

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