CHANDLER, Ariz., Dec. 10-- Amkor Technology, Inc., (Nasdaq: AMKR) today announced that its semiconductor strip test production is on pace to approach 300 million IC packages in 2003, more than double the number of ICs Amkor strip tested in 2002. Overall, Amkor has tested more than a half billion ICs in strip test format since the company introduced this innovative testing technology four years ago. Strip test is a method of testing large numbers of packaged ICs that both reduces test cost and increases test yield. In strip test, electrically isolated packaged ICs are tested in parallel, resulting in fast handler index times and high throughput rates.

"Amkor's strip test platform provides integrated device manufacturers with a compelling vehicle to reduce total costs by increasing outsourcing of low lead count packages," said Joe Holt, Amkor's senior vice president of worldwide test. "We believe Amkor's capability in strip test far exceeds that of all other contract assembly and test companies. Our accelerating volume of turnkey assembly and strip test business is additional evidence that our IDM customers are taking a hard look at how they allocate resources -- even in 'legacy' packages where they have a manufacturing core competency."

Amkor began strip-test production in 1999 with SOIC packages. Today, production also includes PDIP, TSSOP and Amkor's proprietary MicroLeadFrame® packages. "The adoption of strip test has been particularly dramatic this year as we have added package types and new customers," said Holt. "We've even qualified our laminate-based ChipArray® ball grid array package on a strip test format."

While a key attribute of strip test is lower test cost, the improvement in test yield is often a more significant benefit for customers. Amkor's strip testing typically increases test yield by 1% to 2% versus singulated test; in some cases yield improvement has reached 9%. Strip test yields are higher because the test probes touch all package leads while they are still uniformly flat in leadframe format, whereas on singulated ICs the test probes touch leads that have already been formed.

Through rigorous QA methodology and its production experience, Amkor engineers have repeatedly validated the superior quality of its strip-tested ICs compared to those tested using conventional singulated test methods. "We've even had one customer experience a year of high volume production with no quality failures," said Holt.

"Increasingly, our integrated strip-test technology is proving to be a viable alternative for IDMs who are looking to further reduce product costs, said Blake Gillett, senior director of strip test at Amkor. "In addition, because we provide all the engineering resources for strip test, our customers can easily move to strip test while allowing their own test developers to focus on bringing more new products to market."

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