Amkor Poised to Expand Revenue Stream With Innovative Package Solution

CHANDLER, Ariz., Nov. 18 -- Targeting the rapidly expanding market for digital storage cards used in hand-held applications, Amkor Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMKR) has introduced its AmKard(TM) packaging technology for game, memory and I/O cards. AmKard(TM) technology is a fully qualified packaging alternative to traditional lidded memory cards at a significantly lower assembly cost.

Using new proprietary design and manufacturing processes, including leadframe-based fully transfer molded production, AmKard(TM) packaging solutions present memory card suppliers with significant cost savings over traditional lidded memory card assembly. A reduction in the cost of retooling for each individual custom lid reduces cycle time by two to three days. Compared to conventional size restricted methods of assembling standard-format memory cards, AmKard(TM) molding technology enables more available package real estate and more efficient substrate layout, including the ability to stack die or fit more or larger die in the same space.

Today, demand for digital storage cards is largely driven by the need for continuous increases in performance and functionality in handheld devices. Cell phones and PDAs are already incorporating MP3 and other music playback formats and are also being designed to accommodate gaming applications. Handheld suppliers and computer game developers are beginning to offer complete games on memory cards for use in these portable devices.

According to market research firm Prismark Partners LLC, market for Flash based memory cards will more than quadruple from 55 million units in 2002 to 230 million by 2007. Jeff Miks, Amkor's director of game, memory and I/O cards, believes the market may be even larger if the market for game cards proves as successful as expected. "It depends on how fast gaming in cell phones and PDAs becomes mainstream," he said. "If this market takes off quickly, expect the big gaming companies to jump on the bandwagon and launch stand-alone gaming devices by next Christmas."

About Amkor

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