Strengthens Number One Position in QFN Market: Increasing Capacity to Meet Customer Demand

CHANDLER, Ariz., July 10 -- Amkor Technology, Inc., (Nasdaq: AMKR), the world's number one supplier of chip packaging solutions to the global semiconductor industry, today marked another milestone by announcing shipment of its one billionth MicroLeadFrame(TM)(MLF) package. To address growing demand, Amkor has increased capacity for MLF to a weekly run rate of 20 million units, making MLF one of Amkor's most successful new products. MicroLeadFrame(TM) is Amkor's version of the IC package with the generic nomenclature of QFN, which stands for "quad, flat-pack, no lead."

"In the past few years we have seen rapid adoption of MLF packaging, which offers system designers an unmatched combination of thermal and electrical performance, ease of use and small footprint," commented Sean Crowley, Amkor's vice president for leadframe products. "We've increased weekly capacity from one million units at the beginning of 2002 to 15 million units currently, and we expect to reach 20 million units by the end of this year. MLF has become a critical package for cellular and WLAN applications, and because of the outstanding performance characteristics, we expect that over time many standard analog and linear chips will begin to migrate into MLF packages.

The market for QFN packages is expected to increase four-fold to over 3 billion units by 2006. Amkor's MLF had an estimated 60% share of the worldwide QFN market in 2002.

"We currently have more than 60 customers designing into MLF across a broad range of formats, including wire bond and flip chip, and we are even seeing designs incorporating stacked die MLF packaging, " said Crowley.

About MLF

Amkor's MicroLeadFrame(TM) is a near CSP plastic encapsulated package with a copper leadframe substrate. The package uses perimeter lands on the bottom of the package to provide electrical contact to the PWB. The package offers Amkor's ExposedPad(TM) technology as a thermal enhancement by having the die attach paddle exposed on the bottom of the package surface to provide an efficient heat path when soldered directly to the PWB. These enhancements enable stable ground by use of down bonds or by electrical connection through a conductive die attach material. Amkor's MLF packages are reliability assured through optimized design, material and process, enabling high performance operation of the IC amp. The small size and weight along with excellent thermal and electrical performance make the MLF package an ideal choice for portable applications.

About Amkor

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