Designing RF Subsystems for today’s wireless portable products requires balancing packaging choices to meet demanding customer targets of cost, size and performance. Packaging choices range from standard single die packages to System-in-Package (SiP). Cost, size and RF performance are strongly influenced by device technologies, interconnect methodologies, substrate materials and construction, metallization schemes, embedded and discrete passives, shielding and encapsulation techniques. Successful RF design requires not only an understanding of all of these, but also RF system and schematic knowledge, substrate design and characterization capabilities, and the skills to present and make engineering tradeoffs. Making the right choices can make or break the success of your product.

From WLAN & PA to WCDMA in the package, Amkor is committed to enabling our customers through our interactive RF Design, Wireless Design and Applications Services. We help you optimize the cost, size and performance in your product choices and provide RF design services to improve your cycle time. Our RF design engineers know what our customers concerns are and how to achieve them. After all, our engineers have come from the ranks of RF and microwave product design organizations ranging from hybrid modules to handsets.

RF Design

We can help you achieve your cost, size and performance targets!

  • Component floor planning
  • Feasibility study for cost, size and performance
  • Optimize RF factors for S-parameter, return path and isolation
  • Substrate design from system and IC requirements
  • Electrical, thermal & mechanical characterization

Substrate Definition & Design
  • Multi-layer with HDI
  • LTCC

RF Packaging Consultancy
  • System level implications to single die package selection
  • Components selection engineering
  • Advice on Design Rule implications and alternatives
  • EMI shielding solution
  • Examination of multiple options for engineering tradeoffs

  • Standard factory prototyping
  • Advanced process prototyping

Process Definition

System Integration

Wireless System Integration
  • Quad Band GSM [EDGE] / 1xEVDO / WCDMA (HSPA) / LTE
  • Bluetooth® / WiFi [802.11 a/b/g & n] / 802.16 [WiMAX]
  • ISM Bands, Zigbee, RFID systems
  • GPS, DVB-H(DMB), Satellite radio systems
  • Baseband Sections

Circuit Integration

  • Inductors / Capacitors / Resistors
  • Baluns
  • Passive components integration in the substrate
  • RF Filters: LPF, HPF, BPF, SAW, Duplexer
  • Amplifier matching circuitry (RFPA / LNA)
  • Antenna, Diplexer, Antenna switches
SiP RF Design
Embedded Passives Integration
  • IPD / IPN / Embedded passives library
  • Antenna integration
  • Embedded shielding solutions
  • Passives in MicroLeadFrame®

Software Tools

 Simulation Tools
  • Agilent: Advanced Design System (ADS), Momentum
  • Ansoft: HFSS, Designer, Q3D, Slwave
  • Apache Design Solutions: PakSi-E
  • Sigrity: PowerSI, Speed2000, PowerDC, Broadband Spice

Layout Tools
  • Cadence APD
  • Sigrity UPD
  • AutoCAD
  • Synopsys

Rf design software tools

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