Amkor's Die Processing operation offers a wide range of services for the WLCSP, flip chip and bare die industry. All processes are conducted in a Class 10K clean room environment using state-of-the-art equipment. Services include back grind, die prep, inspection, and pick and place into tape or trays. Die inspection capabilities include commercial and military Mil-Std-883 Condition B. Flip chip bump inspection is also available for gold and solder bumped product. In addition, special processing and shipping services are available upon request.

Production Facility

Amkor's primary Die Processing operation is located at the P1 factory in the Philippines. Amkor also has die processing operations dedicated to support Wafer Level CSP in Taiwan. Please note that the Taiwan die processing services and equipment may vary from below P1 factory capability.

Markets Served

Amkor serves a wide range of semiconductor manufacturers and producers of portable and wireless communications products, multimedia and entertainment systems, network computing and automotive electronics. The die are used in multi-chip modules (MCM), flip chip, and chip-on-board applications.

Amkor's Die Processing Advantage:

Amkor’s Die Processing service offers several advantages to the customer.

  • Provides an efficient turnkey solution to supply inspected, packaged die for use in flip chip or chip-on-board applications
  • Avoids the need for the chip supplier to invest in the manufacturing infrastructure for handling and packaging bare die
  • Provides the confidence in working with the leading supplier of semiconductor subcontract assembly and test services with extensive experience in die processing and component packaging

Details of Services:

  • Die Inspection HPClass 10K Clean Room Environment
  • Up to 12 " Wafer Capability
  • Backgrinding
  • Inkless Processing
  • Wide range of die sizes (0.4mm to 26mm square)
  • Full Die Preparation (Wafer mount, Saw, Clean)
  • Wide Range of Markets Served
    - Wireless, Portable Communications
    - Network / Computing
    - Automotive
  • Wide Selection of Carrier Options
    - Pocket tape (8.0 mm, 12.0 mm, 16.0 mm, Custom Configurations
    - Waffle pack (50.80 mm, 101.60 mm)
    - Gel pack (50.80 mm, 101.60 mm)
    - Film frame
  • Automated pick & place
  • Wafer Map Process Integration on Pick & Place Equipment
  • Die Inspection
    - Commercial 75X, 100% Visual
    - Mil-Std-883 Condition B
    - Bump Inspection : Au, Sn / Pb and Lead-Free
  • Quality Packing & Shipment Services
    - Vacuum Sealed, Shipping Bags
    - ESD & Moisture Sensitive Packing Materials
    - Drop Shipment to End-Customer is Available
  • Full Factory Quality Certification
    - ISO-9000, QS-9000, PQA, ISO-14001

Die Processing PODEquipment:

  • Olympus MX50 High Power Scopes
  • Takatori ATM 8200 Auto Mounter Systems
  • Disco DFD 651 Auto Dicing Machines
  • Viking 1046 Auto PnP Machines
  • Viking 1010D Manual Die Sep Machines
  • Muhlbauer DS6000, DS8000 Die Sort Machines
  • Vacuum / Sealer Machines
  • Sato Barcode Printers

Process Highlights:

Wafer thickness (max) 35 mils
Wafer thinning to 8 mils minimum
Die inspection Commercial, Mil-Std-883 Condition B
Wafer mapping ALPS format compatible
Taping standards IEC 60286-3, EIA-747, EIA-481, EIA-726
Final visual gate LTPD 5/0
Shipping options Pocket tape, Waffle pack, Gel Pack, Film Frame
Standard shipping reel diameters 7" (2.25" hub), 13" (4" hub)


For more information on our Die Processing Backgrind and Die Inspection services, please contact an Amkor Regional Sales Office near you or fill out the Request for Information Form.

Turnkey Services