The industry's transition to 300mm wafer technology is in full swing. Amkor has established capability to support the unique and challenging needs of handling and processing of 12 inch wafers. Chip manufacturers demand the highest levels of sophistication in the tools used for wafer handling, transport and storage. Amkor now has fully qualified production assembly capability for flip chip, Wafer Level CSP and wire bond products in place for handling 300 mm wafers in several of our factories worldwide. Future expansion of 300mm capability will be made as necessary to meet the growing demands of the market.

Amkor offers high volume electroplated wafer solder bumping for 300 mm wafers, including Low Alpha, High Lead, Eutectic, and Lead Free in our Taiwan facility. Amkor has rapidly expanded our 300mm bumping production capacity to meet the growing “Turn-Key” Flip Chip business model which includes bumped wafer probe, assembly, and test.

Amkor also offers services for high volume 300mm WLCSP production. These services facilitate the entire process from unbumped wafers to the shipment of tested die in tape and reel. Specific 300 mm handling capabilities may vary by factory location.

300 mm Qualified Tooling:

  • Wafer bump
  • Wafer shipper - Unpacker / packer
  • Wafer mount to dicing frame
  • Wafer saw
  • Wafer map
  • Wafer Probe
  • Backside grind taper
  • Backside grind
  • Backside grind detaper
  • Measurement tools
  • Automated defect inspection
  • Die attach
  • Flip chip attach
  • Laser Mark
  • Tape and Reel

For more information on our 300mm / 200mm Wafer Processing services, please contact an Amkor Regional Sales Office near you or fill out the Request for Information Form.

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