Amkor provides a complete range of semiconductor testing services including wafer testing, various types of final testing, system level testing, strip testing and complete end-of-line services up to and including final shipping.

We have testing operations in our facilities in China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and Taiwan, which enables fast feedback, streamlined logistics and short cycle times. We also offer many specialized logistical services including security certification and anti-counterfeit measures. In 2011, we tested over six billion units for over 100 customers.

We test a variety of device types across all of our package families including radio frequency, analog and mixed signal, digital, power management, memory and various combinations such as application-specific integrated circuits, multi chip modules, System-in-Package (SiP), and 3D stacked packaging. We also test biometric devices, accelerometers, gyrometers, haptics, pressure sensors and other types of MEMS devices.

Our test hardware and contacting solutions are aligned with Amkor’s advanced bump and package technologies. Examples include custom package size SiP, dual-sided contacting solutions for Package on Package (PoP), TMV PoP, FusionQuad® sockets, multiple-row MicroLeadFrame® (MLF), and probe solutions for Fine-Pitch Copper Pillar.

Our test equipment and test floors are well integrated with CIM / CAM tools, yield analysis and performance monitoring to deliver very high efficiency and first pass yield. We support numerous adaptive test processes for our customers and offer distributed test flows for SiP and other complex assembly flows.

Our experienced technical staff provides a full range of test consultation, development and engineering services across our customers' entire product lifecycle. They understand the unique markets and testing requirements for SiP, automotive, networking, gaming, graphics, computing, RF / wireless and emerging 2.5D / 3D Through Silicon Via (TSV) devices.

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 Our Customers' Product Lifecycle & Amkor Test Services

Test Strategy   Characterization 
   Yield Analysis 
Multi-Site Test
Test Time Reduction
  Equipment Selection 
  NPI Processes 
  Test Time Reduction 
  Further Optimization 
  Next Generation Planning 
  Failure Analysis 
Quality Test Efficiency
Revisit Test Strategy

Amkor IC Test Development Services

Amkor offers a full range of test software, hardware, integration, product engineering services and project management to bring our customers' products to market swiftly and with high quality.

Typical projects are full test solutions for new devices, cost down solutions for high volume / long lifetime products, derivative product solutions and conversions/migrations to alternative tester, probers and handlers.

Our test development centers are located in Korea and the Philippines and provide complete solutions covering product specific testing software, all necessary hardware for handling and contacting, correlation, release to mass production and post production support. These centers are in close proximity to many of our customers' design centers.

For more information on our IC Test Services services, please contact an Amkor Regional Sales Office near you or fill out the Request for Information Form.

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