Amkor has years of High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) experience using a high density, pre-singulated test process for many of the semiconductor industry's most common IC packages. By utilizing Amkor's highest density leadframe (XDLF) assembly process, we are able to achieve high parallelism (up to 300 units per touch down)  and throughput, thereby reducing the overall cost of test. Small outline and low lead count packages in high volume are the optimum product type for this process. The industry's acceptance of Amkor's strip test solution is evidenced by the tremendous growth in volume. Since 2000 Amkor continues to be the industry leader in strip test.

Strip Test tray

Strip test performs the final electrical verification while packages are still together in a leadframe format. Prior to performing strip test, the devices are electrically isolated. Then, following the test process, traditional end-of-line operations occur, including mark, device singulation, vision sort, tape & reel, pack and ship.

Strip Test model


Strip Test Benefits:

  • Reduced cost of test primarily from high degree of parallelism
  • Reduced cycle time from testing in line with assembly
  • Consistently higher yields than singulated test (Better contact methodology)
  • Higher quality from reduced handling (Reduced bent leads)
  • Faster time for test development
  • Part traceability to assembly
  • Strips can contain up to 600 devices per strip
  • Based on the lead count and tester resources, many devices can be tested at the same time
  • Reduced floor space
  • Better equipment utilization
  • Significanlty reduces test capital expenditures
  • Immediate feedback to assembly

Strip Test Development and Engineering Services:

  • Test Hardware
    • Design & development at Amkor
    • Implementation, qualification & maintenance
    • Tester/handler interface
    • Contactors
    • Load boards
  • Program Development
    • Production programs for all Amkor standard platforms
    • Singulated and/or strip QA programs
    • Development resources in Philippines
  • Product Engineering
    • Data collection
    • Yield loss analysis
    • Yield enhancement in partnership with customer
  • Test software
    • Multi-site strip final test programs
    • Singulated QA sample programs

Target devices for massively parallel test:

  • Small Signal MOSFET
  • Standard Analog
  • Serial EEPROM
  • Standard Logic
  • Power MOSFET (including UL/RG)
  • Standard Linear
  • Power Management
  • Op Amps
  • Serial Flash
  • Microcontrollers

Strip Test focus on low leadcount packages in HDLF strip format:

For more information on Amkor's Strip Test services please contact an Amkor Regional Sales Office near you or fill out a request for information.

Test Services

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