Amkor’s advanced wafer probe and inspection services support: high speed digital using direct docking, known good die (KGD), thin wafers, Wafer Level Packaging (WLP), temperature and RF probe. For lower cost / higher parallelism our probers support up to 300 to 400Kg of probe force required for multi-site probe. Amkor probe is participating in the leading wafer process nodes across major market segments. Here are a few highlights:

  • Low K dielectrics
  • Engagement on 28nm, 32nm and 40nm process nodes
  • Largest die size in production probe ~400mm^2
  • Highest probe count in production 14,000
  • High current and high power probe ( up to 90 amps and 100 watts )
  • Highly parallel WLCSP probe (x16/x32)


Wafer Prober Portfolio / Roadmap

Our portfolio of wafer probers supports -55°C to +200°C probe temperatures, fine alignment and thin wafers:

Wafer Prober Roadmap

Probe Card Technology

Amkor uses a wide range of probe card technologies well aligned with advanced wafer process nodes and Amkor’s bump and pillar roadmap.

Capability vs. Amkor Package Technology Roadmap

Wafer Probe Capability Roadmap - Minimum Pitch (μm)

Wafer Prober Capability Roadmap

Test Services

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