Amkor’s final test spans a range of rigor and complexity depending on the device and end market application (testing multiple times under different electrical and temperature conditions, and before and after device reliability stresses, such as burn-in). In addition to electrical testing, specialized solutions are required for sensors that require non-electrical stimuli (acceleration, angular velocity, and atmospheric pressure, magnetic or acoustical stimulus). The electrical tests are a mix of functional, structural and system-level depending on the customer's requirements and cost and reliability parameters. The equipment we use includes commercially available automated test equipment, customized and proprietary system level test equipment and innovative types of low-cost test equipment developed by Amkor. System level experience and capabilities cover: 802.11, 802.16, cellular, graphics and gaming. Our main tester roadmap and locations are:
Test Models
Our handler portfolio for singulated test addresses all ranges of package sizes, process flow, temperatures and stringent thermal management required in gaming, computing and graphics.

Test Handlers

Contactor Technologies

Test hardware and contacting is a critical element of an efficient test solution – Amkor continuously stays aligned with our advanced packages:

Capability vs. Amkor Package Technology Roadmap

Package Test Capability Roadmap - Minimum Pitch (μm)

Contactor Roadmap

Strip Test Handler Portfolio

For certain applications with long test times and product lifecycle – parallel testing in a strip format is very cost-effective. Amkor is a world leader in this technology.

Assembly Format
Temp (°C)
Amkor Packages
Standard Leadframe
-60 to +160 (+/-3)TQFP up to 32 lead, 7x7
  SOIC-N 150 mil, SOIC-W 300 mil, SOIC std 208 mil
  TSSOP up to 29 lead (3.0 and 4.4 mm body sizes)
  PDIP up to 8 lead
 -55 to +160 (+/-1)Partial Saw MLF up to 6x6
Film Frame
AmbientSaw MicroLeadFrame® up to 6x6

For more information on the Amkor's Final Test Services, please contact an Amkor Regional Sales Office near you or fill out the Request Form.

Test Services

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