TSOT Package (Thin Small Outline Transister)
SOT23 Package (Standard Outline Transistor)

SOT23 and TSOT are leadframe based, plastic encapsulated packages that are well suited for applications requiring very small footprints. These industry standard packages run in very high volume and provide cost effective solutions for a wide range of applications. Having up to 8 leads, these packages can handle small ICs that may have previously been packaged in SOIC or TSSOP. A green BOM is standard, allowing devices to meet applicable Pb free and RoHS standards.


Amkor’s TSOT, SOT & SC Packages Offer:

  • Cu Wire interconnect for low cost
  • Standard JEDEC and EIAJ package outlines
  • Turnkey test services, including strip test options
  • Green materials are standard - Pb free and RoHS

TSOT, SOT Services and Support:

Amkor has a broad base of resources available to help our customers bring new products to market quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

  • Full package characterization and modeling
  • Thermal, mechanical stress and electrical performance modeling
  • Turnkey assembly, test and drop ship
  • World class reliability testing and failure analysis

TSOT, SOT Process Highlights:

  • Wafer backgrinding services available
  • Multiple die and die stacking capability
  • Optional Chip-On-Lead construction using film die attach material
  • Matte Sn leadfinish is standard
  • Laser marking on package body
  • PCC wirebonding standards, Ag wire available


TSOT, SOT Reliability Qualification:

Amkor package qualification uses three independent production lots and a minimum of 77 units per test group. All testing includes JSTD-020 moisture preconditioning.

Moisture sensitivity characterization: JEDEC Level 1, 85°C / 85% RH, 168 hrs
Un-biased HAST: 130°C / 85°C RH, No Bias, 96 hours
High temp storage: +150 °C, 1000 hours
Temp cycle: -65°C / +150°C, 500 cycles

TSOT, SOT Test Services:

  • Program generation / conversion
  • Wafer probe
  • Burn-in
  • -55 °C to +165 °C test available
  • Strip test available

TSOT, SOT Shipping Options:

  • Aluminum cannister
  • Tape and reel
  • Dry pack
  • Drop ship

TSOT / SOT & SC Cross Section:

TSOT SC SOT Cross Section

For more information on the TSOT, SOT-23 package, please contact an Amkor Regional Sales Office near you or fill out the Request Form.


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