MQFP PowerQuad 4Systems and applications that operate at moderate levels of power need more power performance than QFPs can deliver. Amkor has developed a low cost package system, available in QFP format, to better suit these applications. This solution provides improved power dissipation, achieved by using an exposed heat slug. This large, highly efficient Cu and/ or Al heat slug readily extracts heat generated from the chip though the leadframe paddle to which the IC is attached. Thermal resistance improvements of approximately 80% (over a standard QFP) can be realized with this IC package without the use of any external cooling aids!

Finally, the MQFP PowerQuad® 4 heat slug has a built-in mechanical package-encapsulant "lock" feature to ensure package integrity and eliminate moisture penetration. The end result is a moderate power, IC package with the properties to enable more reliable solutions to the electronic marketplace.

MQFP PowerQuad 4 Applications:

PowerQuad® 4 provides today's semiconductor ICs with a package to operate at the speeds and power for which they were designed. This is why PowerQuad® 4 was chosen by packaging engineers from major Semiconductor manufacturers in the industry as the IC package of choice for DSPs, PLDs, microprocessors, microcontrollers, high-speed logic / FPGAs, ASICs, digital signal processor (DSP), automotive devices, thin low airflow, high performance applications and other similar technologies requiring moderate power management.

System designers and OEM product developers have used PowerQuad® 4 to solve power / thermal / speed concerns while supporting system constraints (standard package outlines, cost, SMT capability, product availability, technical support) in uses like: PCs, notebooks, high-end audio/video, power supplies, CPU board systems, workstations, RISC engine modules and many other similar applications.

MQFP PowerQuad 4 Package Features:

Amkor's MQFP PowerQuad® 4 thermal handling capabilities are supported by these additional attributes:

  • Large, highly conductive Cu and Al heat slug options with standard (slug down) and inverted configurations available
  • ~80% improvement in Theta JA over standard MQFP
  • Available in JEDEC-standard packages
  • 28 x 28 mm and 32 x 32 mm body size
  • 120 - 256 lead counts
  • Highly reliable material set
  • 50% reduction in package self inductance (better electrical performance) due to "floating ground plane" effect of heat slug
  • Capable of 25-30 watts with thermal dissipation with external heat sink
  • Replacement for Amkor discontinued PowerQuad 2 package in 28mm & 32mm JEDEC Standard MQFP outlines

MQFP PowerQuad 4 Thermal Performace:

Multi-Layer PCB, Pre-JEDEC Standard Test Boards
Theta JA (°C/W) by Velocity w Cu Heat Slug

PkgBody Size (mm)Pad Size (mm)0200500
208 ld28 x 281113.310.89.4
240 ld
32 x 32


MQFP PowerQuad 4 Electrical Performance:

Simulated Results @100 MHz

PkgBody Size (mm)Pad Size (mm)LeadInductance (nH)Capacitance (pF)Resistance (mOmega)
208 ld28 x 289.5 x 9.5Longest12.0001.73095.5
208 ld28 x 289.5 x 9.5Shortest6.8501.47081.0
240 ld
32 x 32
10.6 x 10.6
240 ld
32 x 3210.6 x 10.6Shortest12.121.841205.7


MQFP PowerQuad 4 Reliabiltiy:

MQFP PowerQuad® 4 is assembled with proven reliable performance to industry standard JEDEC test methods.

MRT / Autoclave:

  L3 245°C / 121°C, 2 atm, 504 hours
Temp / Humidity:  85°C / 30% RH, 1000 hours
High temp storage:  150 °C, 1000 hours
Temp cycle:  -65/+150 °C, 1000 cycles

Process Highlights:

Die Thickness (max):  25 mil
Strip Solder plating:  Matte Sn Standard,  85/15 Sn/PbOption
Marking:  Laser Mark
Lead inspection:  Laser / Optical
Pack/ship options:  Bar code / Dry pack

Test Services:

Contact Amkor Test Services for more details.

  • Program generation / conversion
  • Product engineering support
  • Wafer sort


  • Low profile tray (JEDEC Outline CS-004)


MQFP PowerQuad 4 Cross Section:

 MQFP PowerQuad 4 Cross Section

For more information on our MQFP PowerQuad® 4, please contact an Amkor Regional Sales Office near you or fill out the Request Form.


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