Amkor's MicroLeadFrame® (MLF | MLP | LFCSP | VQFN | QFN - Quad Flat No-Lead package) is a near CSP plastic encapsulated package with a copper leadframe substrate. This package uses perimeter lands on the bottom of the package to provide electrical contact to the PWB. The package also offers Amkor's ExposedPad technology as a thermal enhancement by having the die attach paddle exposed on the bottom of the package surface to provide an efficient heat path when soldered directly to the PWB. This enhancement also enables stable ground by use of down bonds or by electrical connection through a conductive die attach material.

Amkor Technology offers its QFN package design kit for Agilent Technologies’ Advanced Design System (ADS) electronic design automation software. Based on Amkor’s popular MicroLeadFrame® packages, the package design kit gives ADS users access to the full fidelity of Amkor packages at the click of a button. This allows them to reduce design spins and cut time-to-market by rapidly characterizing circuits in the presence of actual Amkor packages, before manufacturing and performing what-ifs.  Download the ADS Kit here.

MicroLeadframeMicroLeadFrame Features:

  • Small size (reduce package footprint by 50% or more and improved RF performance) & weight
  • Standard leadframe process flow and equipment
  • Excellent thermal and electrical performance
  • 0.4 mm to 2.03 mm maximum height
  • 4 to 180 I/O
  • 1 - 13 mm Body size
  • Thin profile and superior die to body size ratio
  • Pb Free / Green
  • Flexible Designs and High Yields
  • SAW and Punch versions available

MLF Board SpaceMLF Offerings:

  • Chip-on-Lead (COL)
  • Single Row Up to 108 I/O
  • Dual Row Up to 180 I/O
  • Multi Chip Package
  • Non-Exposed Pad
  • PPF (NiPd) Punch & SAW MicroLeadFrame (MLF)
  • Small MLF (Less than 2 x 2 body size)
  • Flip Chip MLF (fcMLF)
  • Thin MicroLeadFrame
  • Top Exposed Pad (TEP)
  • Inframe Cavity MicroLeadFrame

MicroLeadFrame Applications:

The small size and weight along with excellent thermal and electrical performance make the MicroLeadFrame® package an ideal choice forhandheld portable applications such as cell phones and PDAs or any other application where size, weight and package performance are required issues.

Dual Row MLF Package

Punch MLF

An MicroLeadFrame package with 2 rows of lands — a cost effective, high performance solution for devices requiring up to 180 I/O. Typical applications include hard disk drives, USB controllers, and Wireless LAN.

Saw MLF (Plated End Lead) Package

Customer demand for Fine lead pitch (0.50 mm, 0.65 mm) is needed in the automotive Industry. Higher solder fillet height on the side of lead area; similar or better BLR performance than standard design; no need of X-ray monitoring after SMD. This process is released to HVM (High Volume Manufacturing).

FAM (Film Assist Mold) MLF Package

Better release-ability which enables complicated mold structures like cavity open packages (Seal film); Protection on brittle surface of die and glass lids from mechanical impact by cavity insert on mold chase (seal film); resin/mold flash control (adhesive film).

PQFN (Power) MLF Package

To qualify FET (Field Effect Transistor) devices in QFN package using solder paste and copper clip; layout and packaging use copper connections for all power paths rather than wire bonds, reducing losses due to high resistance wire bonds as well as high inductance which cause ringing and high AC losses.

RtMLF(Routable Molded Lead Frame) Package

An MLF® package with resin filled traces for small form factor driven structures. This offers a low cost, high thermal performance device in a smaller foot print. It has internal routing traces with limited line width/space capability and this package adapts easily to flipchip configurations. rtMLF provides higher pin count and more flexible internal trace routing with resin filled LF. It enable small form factor, high electrical/thermal performance with low cost.

MicroLeadFrame Thermal Performance

Modeled data @ 0 air flow / JEDEC Multi-layer PCB

PkgBody Size (mm)Board Vias #Exposed Pad (mm)Die (mm)Theta JA (°C/W)
12 ld3 x 311.251.2561.1
28 ld5 x 592.72.5434.8
44 ld7 x 7164.83.8124.4
52 ld8 x 8256.15.0820.9
64 ld10 x 10 367.12.7929.4
124 ld10 x 10 367.12.7930


MicroLeadFrame Electrical Performance

Simulated results @ 2GHz. Values dependant on specific die and wire configurations

PkgBody Size (mm)I/O(nH)(pF)(mOhm)
12 ld3 x 3 Longest0.5640.203141.8
12 ld3 x 3 Shortest0.5310.220138.9
44 ld7 x 7Longest1.7660.326315.1
44 ld7 x 7Shortest1.1940.289234.5
64 ld10 x 10 Longest2.1790.518337.5
64 ld10 x 10Shortest1.4750.409250.8

MicroLeadFrame Reliability:

Amkor’s MicroLeadFrame® Packages are reliability assured through optimized design, material and process enabling high performance operation of your IC amp.

Moisture Sensitivity Characterization:   JEDEC Level 1 (depending on body size) 85°C / 85%, 168 hours
Temp / Humidity:   85°C / 85% RH, 1000 hours
HAST:   130°C, 85% RH, 96 hours
High temp storage:   150°C, 1000 hours
Temp cycle:   -65 / +150°C, 1000 cycles


Process Highlights:

Die Thickness:  .20 ± .05 mm nominal, thinner for special applications
Plating:  Matte Sn, NiPdAuAg
Marking:  Laser

Standard Materials:

Leadframe:  Copper Alloy, Dual Gauge
Die attach:  Conductive Epoxy, Non-conductive Epoxy or DAF
Wire:  0.8 mil Au, 1% Pd doped, 0.8 mil Cu
Mold compound:  Pb free / Green Capable

MLF MicroleadframeTest Services:

  • Program generation / conversion
  • Product engineering support
  • Available test / handling technology
  • Tape and Reel Services
  • Burn-in capabilities


  • This product is shipped in clear anti-static tubes, bakable trays or metal canisters.

Configuration Options:

SAW Punch Body Size (mm) QFN / DFN / SON Leadcounts
0.8, 0.65, 0.5, 0.4, 0.35, 0.3 mm Pitch
Dual Row Leadcounts
0.5 mm Pitch
YES NO 1 x 1 4/6 -
YES NO 2 x 2 6/8/10/12 -
YES YES 3 x 3 4/8/10/12/16/20/24
YES YES 4 x 4 12/16/20/24/28/32/40
YES YES 5 x 5 16/20/28/32/36/40/44/52
YES YES 6 x 5 18/24/36/42
YES YES 6 x 6 20/24/28/36/40/48/56/64
YES YES 7 x 7 28/32/36/44/48/56/68/80
YES YES 8 x 8 32/36/40/52/56/68/76/88
YES YES 9 x 9 36/44/48/60/64/76/88/104
YES YES 10 x 10 44/52/56/68/72/88/100/116
NO YES 11 x 11 - 140/148
NO YES 12 x 12 48/60/84/88/100/108/124/144
NO YES 13 x 13
 - 164/180


MicroLeadFrame Cross Sections:

Individual Unit Design "Punch"


 MLF Punch cross section



MAP Design "Saw"

 MLF Saw Cross Section


Package Height Comparison

MLF height comparison

For more information on the MicroLeadFrame (MLF | MLP | LFCSP | VQFN | QFN) package, please contact an Amkor Regional Sales Office near you or fill out the Request Form.


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