FusionQuadAmkor’s FusionQuad® technology represents a breakthrough in leadframe-based plastic packaging through the effective integration of ExposedPad TQFP and MLF® technologies. The novel integration of bottom lands in a QFP provides a cost-effective platform for increased lead count in a small form factor. FusionQuad® technology not only extends the I/O range of classic leadframe packaging to nearly 400 unique pins, it also delivers an approximate 50% reduction in package size for a given leadcount. Additionally, FusionQuad® technology provides excellent RF electrical performance characteristics with short signal paths to the bottom lands and high power dissipation capability with the solderable exposed die attach paddle.

System architects, IC designers and packaging engineers will find that FusionQuad® technology offers a unique blend of excellent electrical and thermal performance in a miniaturized cost-effective leadframe plastic package. Applications requiring increased data rates or RF communications will benefit from the low insertion loss up to 10 Gigahertz when utilizing the bottom lands for high speed signals. The FusionQuad® technology structure also allows the design of multiple segmented power and ground rings typically found in many laminate packages today. Along with the thermal performance advantage of the ExposedPad TQFP, FusionQuad® technology brings a new lower cost option to applications normally designed into thermally enhanced laminate packages.

The 0.8mm package thickness allows FusionQuad® technology to be applied to end products requiring thin profiles such as mobile hard disk drives, notebook computers and other consumer electronics. The unique footprint of FusionQuad® technology allows for the use of low cost printed circuit boards in the end application due to the space available for coarse routing vias between the bottom lands and the outer peripheral leads.

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