Through Silicon Via (TSV) interconnects have emerged to serve a wide range of 2.5D-TSV & 3D-TSV packaging applications and architectures that demand very high performance and functionality at the lowest energy/performance metric. To enable the use of TSVs in these 2.5D/3D-TSV architectures, Amkor has developed a number of back?end technology platforms to enable high volume processing of TSV-bearing wafers and assembly. It is important to distinguish that Amkor does not provide TSV formation in foundry wafers. Amkor’s TSV wafer process begins with 300 mm wafers which have TSVs already formed. Amkor’s wafer process thins the wafers and creates back side (BS) metallization to complete the TSV interconnection. The TSV reveal and backside (BS) metallization process flow is commonly referred to as "Middle-End-Of-Line" (MEOL). Amkor’s MEOL production tooling and processes include:

  • Wafer support bond and de-bonding
  • TSV wafer thinning
  • TSV reveal and CMP
  • Back side passivation
  • Redistribution as required
  • Lead-free plating of micro-pillar and C4 interconnects
  • Wafer-level probe and mid-assembly test for TSV products


Amkor’s Role in 2.5D-TSV & 3D-TSV Packaging with TSV Interconnects

Amkor has enabled TSV technology solutions for the back-end processing of TSV wafers (MEOL), bumping and 2.5D-TSV & 3D-TSV assemblies. This requires advanced capability in the following key areas:

Wafer support bond and de-bond of TSV bearing wafers

  • Wafer Support System (WSS) for thin wafer management

TSV MEOL processing

  • Wafer support system (WSS) for thin wafer management
  • Bonding and de-bonding of TSV bearing wafers
  • Wafer thinning to 50μm (3D-TSV) or 100um (2.5D-TSV) per product requirements
  • Wafer backside passivation
  • TSV reveal process including CMP planarization

Advanced TSV wafer finishing

  • Front side and back side wafer bumping
  • 40 μm pitch Cu pillar and landing pad micro-bumps
  • Backside redistribution

Advanced assembly technology

  • Flip chip stacking of thin TSV micro-bumped die
  • Chip-to-Substrate flip chip attach (CoS)
  • Chip-to-Wafer flip chip attach (CoW)
  • 25-60 mm FCBGA body sizes for 2.5D-TSV assembly integration
  • 10-25 mm FCCSP body sizes for 3D-TSV assembly integration
  • Bare die, lidded, and overmold final assembly options available
  • Intermediate electrical test for partially assembled CoS & CoW modules


  • 3D-TSV platforms
  • 2.5D-TSV platforms

Examples of products produced to date are provided here as part of the production capability at Amkor

TSV Products 1

TSV Products 2


Fine Pitch Copper Pillar Bumping – The Backbone of TSV Assemblies and Advanced Packaging

TSV Copper Pillar



TSV Integration

TSV Assembly Platform


TSV Final Assembly

TSV Assembly Die Stacking

TSV Wafer Probe MEOL

For more information on our Through Silicon Via (TSV) Wafer Finishing & Flip Chip Stacking Solutions, please contact an Amkor Regional Sales Office near you or fill out the Request Form


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