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Advances in IC packaging are being driven by semiconductor technology and the explosion in the wireless and internet markets. Amkor is an industry leader in finding IC packaging solutions to meet these complex requirements.

To serve the diverse needs of more than 300 world class semiconductor manufacturers, Amkor offers more than 1000+ different package formats and sizes, from traditional leadframe IC packages for through-hole and surface mounting, all the way to the latest chip scale (CSP) and ball grid array (BGA) solutions required in high pin count and high density applications such as Stacked Die Packaging, Wafer Level Packaging, MEMS Packaging, Flip Chip Packaging, Through Silicon Via (TSV), and 3D Packaging. This broad product family allows Amkor to be a single source for many of its customers' total IC packaging requirements from legacy devices to tomorrow's System in Package solutions.

We also offer other package types such as: BCC, BQFP, BOC, Camera Modules, CCD II, CCD III, Ceramic Packages, CMOS Image Sensor, DIC, DIP, DLP, ezBGA, FQFP, Flip Stack, Hermetics, HYBRID, J-Lead, LCPGA, LDCC, LFCSP, LLCC, LTCC, M2BGA, M2CSP, MCSP, MDIP, Memory CSP, Micro EMS, PLGA, PQFP, QFJ, SMD Modules, SnapArray, SOP, SZIP, TBGA, ViperBGA, VBGA, Wafer Backgrind, Wafer Saw, ZIP.

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