Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) are micron-size devices that can sense or manipulate the physical world. MEMS are created using micro machining processes, similar to those used to produce integrated circuit IC devices. This allows a two- or three-dimensional mechanical system to be created in the same small area typical of an IC device. Because the fab process is similar to that of IC fabrication, MEMS are most typically created on silicon wafers but can also employ other substrate types as well. Due to their size, tens of thousands of these devices can be fabricated on a single wafer.

MEMS Applications

Amkor Technology is the world's leader in microelectronic packaging technologies and the worlds largest
outsource provider of MEMS and MOEMS (Micro Optical Electronic Mechanical Systems).
MEMS Applications

MEMS Packaging Considerations

MEMS Packaging Considerations

MEMS and Sensor Standard Platforms

MEMS Standard Platforms

MEMS Package Evolution

MEMS Package Evolution

Amkor's Value Proposition

MEMS Manufacturing

Standard Platforms = Faster Development
  • Faster introduction of new products
  • Lower development cost
Amkor Experience
  • Dedicated MEMS team
  • Constantly updating the MEMS Toolbox with investments on new equipment and materials and leveraging other core technologies like TSV, Cu Pillar
  • In-house test development capability

Material Characterization

DMA, DSC, TMA, thermo-moire, FTIR, interferometer, hardness, ARES, diffusivity, solubility and more.

Modeling and Simulation

Complete electrical and thermo-mechanical capabilities (mechanical, thermal, electrical, EMI/RFI modeling).

Package and Board Level Reliability

Amkor boasts a full offering of reliability test capabilities in multiple locations.

Amkor Presently Conducts MEMS Related Activities at the Following Strategic Manufacturing Locations

  • Philippines (ATP) - Hermetic, SOIC, MicroLeadFrame (MLF), Cavity MEMS, LGA
  • Taiwan (ATT) - Optical MEMS
  • Korea (ATK) - R&D, Wafer Level
For more information on MEMS, MOEMs, and Sensor Technology, please contact an Amkor Regional Sales Office near you or fill out the Request Form


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