Where: Mesa, AZ USA

When: 14-Nov-2013 - 14-Nov-2013


Amkor Technology is a proud sponsor for the IMAPS Arizona Chapter November Luncheon
Thursday, November 14, 2013 at the Dobson Ranch Inn, Mesa AZ

  • Registration and exhibits will open at  11:30am
  • Lunch and Presentation from noon to 1pm
  • Exhibits close at 1:30

The topic for this luncheon is:

Supply Chain Implications for Advanced Packaging

Presented by: Jim Walker, V.P. of Research, Gartner
The markets for advanced packaging have been the major driver for back-end processing in recent years. Many device makers have stated that between 28 and 20nm fab nodes a predominant number of their products will move to flip-chip and wafer-level based processes. This has, and will continue to, introduce new materials, production processes and equipment into the packaging space.

While advanced packaging has been a major growth segment, there are competitive wafer-based processes, in particular, 2.5D and 3D utilizing through silicon vias (TSV) that have shown promise. TSV has been discussed as a major industry initiative for more than 5 years, but has yet to launch into mainstream markets, being limited thus far to high-end products such as FPGA's and memory for file servers. Concerns over production costs and device yield still plaque this market.

This presentation will focus on the latest semiconductor market forecast, including advanced packaging along with supply chain implications for future IC nodes that will utilize wafer level, bumping and TSV processes. Technical, yield and cost issues for these advanced processes will be discussed, along with Gartner's forecast for the overall packaging, test, WLP equipment and 3D/TSV markets.

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