Where: Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA

When: 12-Mar-2013 - 14-Feb-2013


Amkor Technology invites you to join us at the IMAPS 9th International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging being held March 12-14, 2013 at the Radisson Fort McDowell Resort and Casino, Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA.

Russell Shumway, Director of MEMS & Sensor Packaging at Amkor, is this year’s Technical
Co-Chair of the MEMS & Microsystems Workshop session.

Ron Huemoeller, Senior Vice President of Advanced Product/Platform Development at Amkor is the General Chair-elect for Device Packaging Professional Development Courses (PDCs).

Amkor is also pleased to co-author seven papers at this year’s conference, including:

  • Assembly Challenges for Large 2.5D TSV Products by Mike Kelly
  • CoC for MEMS Eliminating the Need For TSV, Leading to Reduction in Packaging Cost by Jemmy Sutanto
  • A Process Dependent Warpage and Stress Model for 3D Packages Considering Incoming Die/Substrate Warpage and Assembly Process Impacts by Wei Lin, Ahmer Syed, KiWook Lee, Karthikeyan Dhandapani
  • Effect of Substrate Layer Variation on Package Warpage by Brendan Wells, Wei Lin, HyunJin Park
  • Innovative 3D Structures Utilizing Wafer Level Fan-Out (WLFO) Technology by Curtis Zwenger
  • Groove Geometry and Mold Shrinkage Effects on Die Stress in Flip Chip Molded BGAs (FCmBGA) by Bora Baloglu, Miguel Jimarez, Ahmer Syed
  • Thermal Modeling Approach for Enhancing TCNCP Process for Manufacturing Fine Pitch Copper Pillar Flip Chip Packages by Siddharth Bhopte, Jesse Galloway, Kyung-Rok Park,Hyun-Jin Park, Jeong-Han Choi, Ho-Beob Yu and Sung-Hwan Yang

Organized by the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS), the Conference will showcase a vast array of technical information and products from many high-tech companies serving all segments of the industrial, military, aerospace, radar, medical and semiconductor industries. The conference provides a focused technical program with workshop tracks on:

  • 2.5D & 3D IC & Packaging
  • Flip Chip & Wafer Level Packaging
  • MEMS & Associated Microsystems
  • LED Packaging for Future Solid-State Lighting

Further information can be found at http://www.imaps.org/devicepackaging

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