Automation Support

Today’s semiconductor organizations are often left without automation support. Amkor’s World Class Design Centers can provide a full range of automation and EDA support services; including everything from package library management to a robust catalog of automation tools. We are continuously evaluating our processes, improving our tools and automating design processes to reduce cycle time and ensure quality. Our automation is tightly integrated with PLM ensuring consistency across systems.
Amkor’s World Class Automation Team was established in 1998 and has since been supporting internal and external users with design process improvements and automation.

Automation Services

Amkor’s World Class Design Centers have an un-paralleled level of custom software that streamlines processes and eliminates error-prone manual efforts. Our automation team has been developing custom software within the packaging industry since 1998. We have the background, experience and knowledge to assist customers in developing custom application development for all IC package design needs. Several customers understand the value of Amkor’s custom automation and have integrated it into their design flow.

Design Quick Start

Design Quick Start (DQS) is an example of Amkor's powerful automation capability. DQS allows up-to-date access to Amkor's design libraries and automatically builds a Cadence Allegro / APD / SiP or Sigrity UPD database with all of the parts required for a successful Amkor design. Design Quick Start provides the design engineer all of the components, pad stacks, and strip data loaded into the design, making the design immediately ready for laying out bond fingers and routing.   DQS is integrated with PLM and filters available library selections based on design values.




DocPro is Amkor's automated drawing documentation tool. DocPro is integrated with Amkor’s internal systems and automatically populates the required fields with verified design values based on request and package type. DocPro has dramatically decreased the time required to document a design and has virtually eliminated all manual drawing input.



Design Tool Automation

Amkor’s Design Automation is a family of highly specialized tools that have been developed by Amkor to reduce cycle time and increase accuracy of advanced package designs. These programs were developed to work with multiple design tools and customized by package type.

Some examples of Amkor’s custom Automation include:

  • Advanced Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Checks
  • Advanced Assembly Checks
  • Custom Design Rule Checks (DRCs)
  • Custom Data Export
  • Substrate Stack-Up Selector

Advanced CAM Tool Automation

Amkor has developed innovative CAM Automation.  Manufacturing data is an essential aspect of every design.  Several of Amkor’s customers realize the value of highly advanced CAM checks and are using the automation developed by Amkor.

Amkor’s CAM Tool Automation verifies manufacturing data and provides the following:

  • State-of-the-art assembly related CAM checks
  • Best in Class Substrate CAM checks
  • Custom CAM checks
  • Package type specific CAM checks
  • Advanced Reporting

Drawing Search, Reuse, and Creation

Drawing Search Tool (DST) is Amkor’s internally developed software that enables drawing search, reuse, and creation.  The application searches for existing drawings based on drawing related search criteria and returns matches.  This allows drawing reuse of support drawings such as Package Outline Drawings.  If a match is not available, DST allows the user to automatically generate a new drawing.The tool validates user input and passes the information to other programs such as the Automatic Drawing Generator. 

Design Recycle


Automatic Drawing Generation

Amkor’s World Class Design Center's design automation team has developed state-of-the-art Automatic Drawing Generation software. Amkor is a pioneer in developing next generation technology, and thesetools are no exception.

The Automatic Drawing Generator creates drawings based on unique and product specific values input by the user.  The drawing is created, dimensioned, and then documented by DocPro.  This automation not only ensures standards are followed but it also maintains consistent drawing formats.  After the drawing is completed and documented, it can be easily checked into PLM and routed for approval.

Design Package outline


Virtual Package

Virtual Package was developed by Amkor to enable DRC verification and simulation in 3D.  Main functionality of the tool is:

  • Capillary Trajectory and Space Simulation
  • 3D Structure Feasibility
  • Wire Sweep Visualization
  • SIP / SMT 3D Modeling

Virtual Package Stack

Advanced Reporting

Amkor's World Class Design Center supports advanced reporting and analysis.  This is not only used to enable advancing technology, but also provides data on cycle time, supplier performance, and design trends.  This enables Amkor to focus our efforts and provide the best possible service to our customers.  Amkor’s PLM System is used extensively for reporting since it not only contains design information, but is also the hub for tracking all customer requests and supplier communication.  This wealth of information enables the advanced reporting capabilities that we not only use internally, but also use to assist our customers.

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