RosettaNet: Driving Standards in Processes and Data Exchange for Doing Business across the Internet

Amkor utilizes the RosettaNet standards to simplify complex B2B processes, enable greater automation, create more efficient collaboration with trading partners, and lower the technical and financial barriers to efficient global trade. With the use of RosettaNet, Amkor has been able to deliver proven real-world business results, reduce cycle time and inventory costs, improve productivity through automation, and improve supply chain efficiencies.


Amkor customers can leverage Amkor’s use of RosettaNet process standards to address a variety of key supply chain needs. These standards enable Amkor customers to decrease long lead times and excess inventory.

Amkor’s customers can also utilize Amkor’s RosettaNet offerings to automate transaction processing. Automation with Amkor’s RosettaNet offerings is a cost-effective alternative to electronic data interchange (EDI) and Autofax fees. It can also provide for:

  • Increased reliability in the forecast-to-cash processes
  • Reduced order management cycle times
  • Flexibility so employees can perform other value-added tasks
  • Substantial reduction in manual workload

RosettaNet at Amkor Technology 

Amkor has implemented many of the RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes (PIPs®) to streamline communications with trading partners. Some of the more common PIPs are:


For Amkor, RosettaNet means accuracy, speed, effciency, and cooperative relationships with our trading partners. Automating order management and shipping has allowed us to establish a low-cost and effcient business model which helps us become competitive in the marketplace.

Amkor continues to invest in the RosettaNet standards. Amkor is a Rosettanet Global Partner and contributes to the RosettaNet Standards as they apply to the Semiconductor industry. Find out more about these standards at

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