Business to Business Integration Services and Solutions

The Amkor eBusiness Team Works for You

Located globally at Amkor sales offices and factory sites, your eBusiness manager is a single point of contact dedicated to you and your projects. The Amkor eBusiness management team is experienced with customer integration business processes, industry and standard solutions and we understand what customers want and need:

  • Visibility to package assembly and test manufacturing processes and material inventory levels
  • Seamless supplier integration with planning, logistics, finance and other critical systems to promote efficiency and decision making
  • Flexible high-quality solutions that can be rapidly deployed

We are experienced in customer integration

By assuring repeatable, global solutions, Amkor ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of your project through a single point of contact. You'll find:

  • More than 30 years of manufacturing experience, with hundreds of successful customer integrations
  • A team of eBusiness managers dedicated to personally facilitate your business-to-business integration needs
  • A Global Center of B2B Excellence supporting a reliable, centralized system and a single source of truth

Business-to-Business (B2B) integration with Amkor

The strength of Amkor's B2B architecture is a global infrastructure that provides a centralized exchange of manufacturing information between our factories, sales teams and our customers.

Data flows from the factories around the clock, providing customers lot status and transactions, shipping and billing information, as well as customers purchase orders and build instructions.

Choose from a Variety of Integration Methods

Amkor chose the RosettaNet standard to provide a common e-Business language, aligning processes between trading partners on a global basis.

RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes (PIPs) and RNIF delivery protocol enable B2B transactions in a seamless, secure and real-time manner. By supporting multiple PIPs, Amkor is able to support many integrated processes. In addition, we support multiple message formats and delivery protocols.

Message Formats

RosettaNet PIPs, delimited flat files, EDI, XML, EDI/EDIFACT, Excel and text based reports.

Delivery Protocols

RosettaNet RNIF, File Transfer Protocol (FTP/SFTP), EDI (VAN and AS2), SOAP Web Services (HTTPS), MQ, JMS, Encryption and various third party suppliers.

Preferred Delivery Method of Top Amkor Customers

top customer delivery methods

Amkor is Committed to Your Success

At Amkor, we understand the importance of providing accurate, timely order status and information. Supported by a global development service and support organization, Centers of Manufacturing Excellence and "follow-the-sun" production support, our eBusiness Management group is here to help you integrate with Amkor’s B2B solutions.

For more information on our IT customer services, please contact an Amkor Regional Sales Office near you or fill out the Request for Information Form

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