FCMBGA Delivers Cost Reduction, Reduces Package Height, and Enables Larger Die Utilization

FCmBGAAmkor’s flip chip molded BGA (FCMBGA) package enables thinner packaging and improves thermal performance while reducing system cost.  Presenting an exposed die format, the package uses a molding compound that replaces traditional capillary underfill to assemble larger die (≤20mm) onto BGA substrates (15mm - 42.5mm) without the structural need for a lid or stiffening ring.  The technology was designed to address several considerations from improved reliability to reduced cost. 

Warpage control is significantly improved, especially for bare die and thin core substrates, because the molding compound ruggedizes the structure. This enables the packaging of larger die in systems demanding ultra-low profiles.  The molding compound locks the structure in place much like traditional underfill, extending solder joint reliability over a larger area.

Since the molding compound contains a higher filler content and lower moisture absorption than capillary underfills, the FCMBGA will also support ultra low-k nodes.  This is especially important in next generation products that must support our customer's functional integration roadmaps.

FCMBGA Assembly Features:

Both the die and peripheral passive components can be assembled simultaneously.  This, in addition to eliminating underfill dispense, results in a lower cost assembly. And because the passive components can now be mounted very close to the die on the package substrate, it improves substrate real estate usage - which may also translate into improved board real estate savings.

A lid or heat spreader attached to the exposed back of the die is optional, depending upon the thermal requirements of the device.  Elimination of the lid also greatly reduces package cost.

FCMBGA Applications:

This type of package is initially being adopted for high-performance and low-cost applications with FPGA devices being the first to go into production.  The FCMBGA supports applications such as networking and storage, gaming, broadband communications, computer and mobile communications.

FCMBGA Features:

  • Single substrate molding
  • 4-10 layer build up and coreless substrates
  • 150 μm minimum bump pitch
  • Die sizes up to 20mm
  • Body sizes up to 42.5mm
  • JEDEC MS-034 compliant, 0.8 and 1.0mm BGA pitch

FCMBGA Reliabiltiy:

FCMBGA has been qualified to MRT L3 260°C and has completed customer qualification.

High temp storage: 1000 hours
Temp cycle "B" 1000 cycles
HAST "A": 96 hours
TH&B:1000 hours
FCMBGA has also completed BLR testing. Test board per IPC9701: 3500 cycles 0 to 100°C, 1.5 cycles / hour


FCMBGA Thermal Performance:

FCMBGA packages are designed to allow die protrusion over the mold cap. This ensures the thinnest bond line and best thermal impedance between the Flip Chip die and the attached heat sink.

FCMBGA Cross Section:

fcmbga cross section 2


FCMBGA Process Highlights

Body (Max): 42.5 mm
Die Size (Max):  20 mm
Bump Pitch (Min):  150 µm


FCMBGA Standard Materials

Package Substrate: Build up and coreless laminates
Mold Compound: Fine filler, Ultra low alpha
Bumps: Eutectic, Lead Free, Cu Pillar
Balls: Eutectic, Lead Free

Test Services

Please contact the Test Product Group for details on the services available.

  • Program generation / conversion
  • Product engineering support
  • Available test / handling technology
  • Burn-in available


The product is shipped in standard JEDEC trays.

For more information on the FCMBGA or Flip Chip BGA (FCBGA) packages, please contact an Amkor Regional Sales Office near you or fill out the Request Form.


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