CASONAmkor's ChipArray CASON packages are laminate-based products available as QFN / QFP (Quad Flat No-Lead) packages. These packages typically have single row of package terminals around the perimeter of the package body. This produces a low profile package able to fit a standard motherboard footprint of standard lead frame packages such as SOIC, SSOP and MicroLeadFrame®. This package technology allows for increased die size without increasing the package area required for mounting onto a motherboard. The package is fully overmolded, allowing the terminals to be under the package and die area.

CASON Applications:

This IC packaging technology is applicable for semiconductors such as memory, analog, ASICs, Logic, analog, RF Devices and simple PLDs requiring a smaller package size than conventional PBGAs. ChipArray packages fill the need for low cost, minimum space and high speed requirements of mobile phones and pagers, notebook and subnotebook personal computers, global positioning systems (GPS), PDAs and other wireless telecommunication systems. 

CASON Features:

Innovative designs and expanding package offerings provide a platform from prototype-to-production.

  • Near chip scale package
  • Terminal counts from 6 to 100
  • Terminal pitch from 0.5 mm to 1.27 mm
  • Standard body sizes from 3mm to 12mm
  • Typical lead counts from 8 to 28
  • A no-solder ball package, can be footprint compatible with SOIC pacakges
  • Perimeter and Dual Sided terminal designs
  • Stacked CASON (S-CASON) available
  • CASON package employing stacked die process technology
  • Identical footprint as standard mount leadframe package
  • Offers package fit to leadframe footprints with increased die sizes and stacking options
  • Can offer board level performance optimization solutions
  • S-CASON package options: SOIC, SOT / SC, TSSOP, TSOP, QSOP, TQFP, MSOP, SSOP, PSOP 3,
  • ePad™, PLD MOS, Flip Chip, Cavity and other surface mount packages

CASON Reliability:

Amkor assures a reliable performance by continuously monitoring key indices:

Moisture sensitivity characterization: JEDEC Level 3, 30°C / 60% RH, 192 hours
Autoclave: 121°C, 2 atm, 168 hours
Temp Cycle: -55 / +125°C, 1000 cycles
Temp / Humidity: 85°C / 85%, 1000 hours
High temp storage: 150°C, 1000 hours


CASON Cross Section:

CASON Cross Section

CASON Cross Section

CASON Additional Information:

Test Services:

  • Program Generation / Conversion
  • Product Engineering
  • Wafer sort
  • -55°C to +165°C Test available
  • Burn-in


  • Tape and reel or trays
  • JEDEC trays

CASON Package Offerings:

Body Size: 2 x 3 5 x 6 5 x 8 3 x 3 3.5 x 4.5 4.5 x 5.5
6 8 8 32 20 / 24 28


For more information on the CASON package, please contact an Amkor Regional Sales Office near you or fill out the Request Form


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