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Flip Chip CSP Packaging Solutions

Amkor Technology offers the fcCSP package -- a flip chip solution in a CSP package format. This package construction utilizes Pb-Free (or Eut. SnPb) flip chip interconnect technology, in either area array or peripheral bump layout, replacing standard wire-bond interconnect. Current wafer bump technology and flip chip assembly process allows for peripheral flip chip bumping or area array bumping, with either solder or Copper Pillar (CuP) Bump Technology. The fcCSP is also available in LGA format, allowing for a lower minimum package thickness.


Stacked CSP Packaging Solutions

The SCSP family leverages Amkor's industry leading ChipArray® manufacturing capabilities. This broad high volume infrastructure enables the rapid deployment of advances in die stacking technology across multiple products and factories to achieve lowest total cost requirements. These advanced assembly capabilities in combination with Amkor's expertise in design & test, enable stacks up to 16 active devices without sacrificing yield or mounted height requirements. Amkor has established industry leadership in stacking pure memory, mixed signal, & logic + memory devices.

Amkor MEMS & Sensor Packaging Solutions

Amkor is the world's leader in microelectronic packaging technologies and the worlds largest outsource provider of MEMS and Sensors. Amkor is the world's leading service provider in MEMS packaging technology and offers a variety of modeling and characterization expertise to complement a proven high volume manufacturing (HVM) capability. This combination uniquely positions Amkor to assist customers quickly through the development phase and into HVM with new applications.

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