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Silver (Ag) Alloy Wire Bonding

A huge increase in the price of gold (Au) has driven the need for lower cost wire materials. Copper, Palladium Coated Copper (PCC) and Silver (Ag) alloy wires have emerged as alternatives to gold bond wires. Copper-based wires are low cost and have excellent electrical resistivity. However, the hardness of copper makes it difficult to use in many applications such as those with fragile bond pad structures. For these applications, Silver Alloy wire bond offers properties similar to those of gold while its cost is similar to that of PCC. Contact Amkor for detailed production and development status of specific package families.


ChipArray/Fine-Pitch BGA Package

Amkor’s ChipArray® Ball Grid Array (CABGA) packages are laminate based packages that are compatible with SMT mounting processes worldwide. The near chip size CABGA fine-pitch BGA (fBGA) offers a broad selection of ball array pitches (> 0.4 mm pitch), ball counts and body sizes (1.5 mm to 27 mm body), single and multi-die layouts, stacked die (1-16) and passive component (up to 300) integration. Copper wire is today’s fastest growing interconnect method and Amkor offers high volume infrastructure on latest generation Cu wire bond equipment at all Amkor CABGA production locations.

Wafer Level Packaging Solutions (DSBGA | WLCSP | WLP)

Amkor offers Wafer Level CSP (WLCSP) to form solder bumps on device I/O pads or to add a copper redistribution layer and route from I/O pads to solder bumps on JEDEC / EIAJ standard pitches. WLCSP is a true chip-scale package, offering the smallest possible footprint. Amkor provides wafer bumping, wafer level test, back grind, dicing, and packing in tape & reel to support a full turn-key WLCSP solution. Amkor is able to integrate its wafer bumping products into high performance packaging options, such as Flip Chip CSP (fcCSP) and System in Package (SiP).

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