Purchase Orders:

Receive and store a customer’s purchase orders electronically.


Receive and process weekly/monthly forecasts into Amkor’s planning system electronically. RosettaNet partners can receive commit confirmation electronically in return eliminating duplication of manual processing.

Intransit Data:

Customers can send incoming shipment information which is loaded directly into specific factory systems allowing for pre-scheduling of work and resources.

Assembly Documents:

Electronic versions of documents such as bond diagrams, wafer maps, marking instructions, etc. can be delivered directly to the factory for appropriate action.

Customer Build Instructions:

Electronically receive a customer’s build instructions to release materials to the production floor enabling factories to effectively schedule resources and capacity.

WIP Data:

Customer visibility to the status of lot level activity on factory floors for automatic incorporation into their internal systems. Provided as a snapshot of all lots at the factories, or event level detail where the actual process steps are identified.

Shipping Data:

Advanced notification via ship alerts providing the customer a means of integrating shipment information into internal systems for effective tracking purposes.

Billing Information:

Invoice data delivered electronically to a customer’s internal systems for reconciliation with paper copies upon arrival thereby simplifying and expediting payment processing.

* Additional business transactions continue to be added as customers request.

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