Amkor Philosophy

We build our business by helping our customers build theirs.

Let Our eBusiness Group Work for You

Amkor Technology understands the importance of communicating with our customers. In light of this understanding, we provide our customers with a wide variety of communication options. Whether receiving or sending information, Amkor strives to be flexible yet efficient, utilizing everything from e-mail to web access to business-to-business (B2B) industry standard communications and methodologies. Amkor provides a secure web portal to facilitate self-service access to on-line information. For customers interested in processing and viewing the lot based information via their own internal systems, electronic data exchange is provided through RosettaNet-compliant xml transactions as Amkor’s preferred standard.

The strength of our B2B architecture is our worldwide communications network that ties together our factories and sales offices. Using this network, production information is exchanged between the factories and our customers through Amkor’s centralized B2B Hub. Data flows from the factory on regular basis throughout the day, seven days a week, not only providing customers lot status, shipping, and billing information, but also loading the factory systems with customer information such as purchase orders, forecasts and release information.

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