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System in Package Solutions

Industry demands for higher levels of integration and lower costs coupled with a growing awareness of complete system configuration have continued to drive the popularity of System in Package solutions. Amkor's SiP technology is an ideal solution in markets that demand smaller size with increased functionality. With more than 1 billion SiP devices assembled and tested over more than 10 years, Amkor Technology has a proven track record as the industry leader in SiP assembly technology. Contact us today and let us add you to our growing list of customers who have been successful SiP technology.


Wafer Level Packaging Solutions

Amkor offers Wafer Level CSP (WLCSP) to form solder bumps on device I/O pads or to add a copper redistribution layer and route from I/O pads to solder bumps on JEDEC / EIAJ standard pitches. WLCSP is a true chip-scale package, offering the smallest possible footprint. Amkor provides wafer bumping, wafer level test, back grind, dicing, and packing in tape & reel to support a full turn-key WLCSP solution. Amkor is able to integrate its wafer bumping products into high performance packaging options, such as fcCSP & SiP.

Wafer Bumping & Die Interconnect Solutions

Amkor’s bumping process is production certified through the full package size range from WLCSP, up through FCBGA. Amkor maintains strong initiatives in the area of technology development to further support customers’ future needs. Continuous improvement programs are in place to optimize and cost-reduce the wafer bumping processes. Our bumping operations are co-located with wafer probe; assembly and final test, enabling Amkor to provide complete "Turnkey" flip chip and WLCSP solutions in these key geographic locations.

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