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System-in-Package Solutions

Industry demands for higher levels of integration and lower costs coupled with a growing awareness of complete system configuration have continued to drive the popularity of System in Package solutions. Amkor's SiP technology is an ideal solution in markets that demand smaller size with increased functionality. With more than 1 billion SiP devices assembled and tested over more than 10 years, Amkor Technology has a proven track record as the industry leader in SiP assembly technology.


3D/SCSP Packaging Solutions

The Stacked CSP family leverages Amkor's industry leading ChipArray® manufacturing capabilities. These advanced assembly capabilities in combination with Amkor's expertise in design and test, enable stacks up to 16 active devices without sacrificing yield or mounted height requirements. Many customers rely on Amkor to solve their highest density and most complex device stack combinations. Amkor has established industry leadership in stacking pure memory, mixed signal, & logic + memory devices.

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