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Flip Chip BGA (FCBGA) Packaging

Amkor Flip Chip BGA (fcBGA) packages are assembled around state-of-the-art, single unit laminate or ceramic substrates. Utilizing multiple high density routing layers, laser drilled blind, buried, and stacked vias, and ultra-fine line / space metallization, fcBGA substrates have the highest routing density available. The variety of fcBGA package options allows package selection to be tailored to the specific thermal needs of the end product. Amkor offers fcBGA packaging in a variety of product formats to fit a wide range of end application requirements.


Package on Package (PoP) Family

PoP packages are designed for products requiring efficient memory architectures including multiple buses and increased memory density and performance, while reducing mounted area. Portable electronics such as mobile phones (baseband or applications processor + combo memory), digital cameras (image processor + memory), portable media players (audio / graphics processor + memory), gaming and other mobile applications can benefit from the combination of stacked package and small footprint offered by Amkor's industry leading PoP family.

Die Processing & Inspection Services

Amkor's Die Processing operation offers a wide range of services for the WLCSP, flip chip and bare die industry. All processes are conducted in a Class 10K clean room environment using state-of-the-art equipment. Services include back grind, die prep, inspection, and pick and place into tape or trays. Die inspection capabilities include commercial and military Mil-Std-883 Condition B. Flip chip bump inspection is also available for gold and solder bumped product. In addition, special processing and shipping services are available upon request.

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